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Why Use Video Animation?

Video animation is an excellent way you can make any concept come to life. Your story is not confined to reality. Your video can take place anywhere. Your characters can do whatever you want them to.

Animation is great for portraying abstract ideas. Maybe you want to show your audience the inner workings of mechanical tool or electronic device. How do you shoot that? Instead, you animate it! With high quality footage, and clear voice overs/music – video animation is the best way forward for displaying a concept clearly using less resource, less time, and often more effective.

Advantages Of Using Video Animation

# Bring all your ideas to life.

# Increased engagement with the right audience.

# Animated videos have the power to increase SEO on your website.

# Animated videos are easy to understand (can be multilingual).

# Everyone enjoys animated videos.

# Any product/services can be marketed through an animated video.

# Your brand can be easily promoted by using effective video animations.

Everlasting Branding

By using video animations to promote your products/services in your organisation, you will immediately be made to stand out from your competition, as video animations establish you as a creative, innovative and futuristic company.

With over 5,000,000,000 videos watched daily, your video(s) need to rise above the crowd to make your promotion successful. That’s why attention to detail in video animations is key.

For Expanse 360 to create the perfect animation for you, all you need to do is use our simple process:
Imagine – note all the ideas you have for the animation (Storyboards are good templates)

Create – hand over your ideas to the Expanse 360 team to begin generating the idea into visual reality, then

Become – publish your perfect animation, and engage your customers, and experience a vast increase in customer retention.

Imagine | Create | Become