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Established in always delivering the best, we take pride in offering flawless web design and development solutions to our clients from varied industrial domains.

The 8-step process introduced by our professionals assists in keeping us ahead of our competitors in all ways.


We Work

The Way We Work At Expanse 360


Discuss Concept

Great! Finally you decided to build a website for your business to improve it’s visibility. We are here to help you, support you & guide you but before we kick start the project, we would love to discuss what all you need and want for your website and for that we will arrange a skype meeting with you to discuss the overall requirement of your project.



Now it’s time to analyze the gathered information for better planning to determine how the web can be used to achieve the desired goals. Here, we decide which technologies should be implemented that suit your business type, keeping in mind the end-users of the website.



When we have the platform, content and technologies, we can start to set up a site and decide which pages are needed and how the subpages should be linked to one another. We choose the pattern and layout for pages of different sections so that it can be organized in a way that a user can easily navigate it and get what he wants.



This is the stage when we turn the documented stuff into a visual form. Here we go along with your suggestions while finalizing the design and final approval would be yours only. Our ideal selection of form and function make your website beautiful and stunning too that simply work better all around.



Here, we use creative web thinking to make your website look fantastic on the web. We dive into coding and create a website that everyone would love to use and find it enjoyable. Its look & feel would be awesome for user-experience. Now we can show you, how your website would look exactly.

Testing & Implementation

Once the site is complete, it undergoes testing, before it goes live, to ensure it looks and works well on all browsers and devices be it mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet. It makes sure that every type of user finds it usable and friendly too. If it meets all the quality standards successfully, it means it is ready for launch. Now that special moment has come when your site is uploaded on the web.



Our job doesn’t end up after launching a website. Making your website known to everyone is the most important and required thing for you. Our marketing team applies right techniques, sources and medium that make your website findable and visible for all. What you get in the end, your website is found on the top of Google results.



Our support team is committed to ensure continuous availability of our customer’s solutions and services that let their website go up, putting it at no risk. We aim to provide maximum value to each of our customers through the proper mix of local and global support and computerized quality standards.

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Our Process = Your Success!

Experience the glide up every step in your organisation’s success, where we are always here to guide you from the in-depth project analysis, while offering expert assistance, along with expert design & development, ensuring you have full confidence and quality assurance